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Monday, February 4, 2008

Family the ties the GAG!!!!

The late Erma Bombeck wrote a wonderful book called "Family: The ties that bind and gag." It was one of the funniest books I had ever read as I saw members of my own family in her stories. It is sad though when you go from laughing at your family stories to wanting to strangle yourself for living in one. I, being the only one who actually speaks to everyone, would be the one that nobody is willing to help!!!!

I'm going into the hospital at the end of this week and so far my family has done nothing but complain! My mom says she feels guilty that she can't be here when I need here but she doesn't feel that she can ask off for work as they have already cut hours at her two jobs (that she moved to Boone to get to support my brother while she put him through college for the 2nd time never mind that i still haven't been all the way once.) My step mom has told me that I should put off the test until summer when it is more convienent for everyone as I won't need as much help as the kids will be out of school. (never mind that I keep having black out periods where people are having conversations with me that I don't even remember and I'm not suppose to be driving). My Father hasn't called me yet and all I got when I did talk to him is well we will have to see as I'm busy with your sister. I realize that my sister is having really bad issues with her son and If I could I would be helping her myself but I only need him for a few about 2 to 3 days my sister and her husband can last for that long with out my dad. UGH!!!!! My Brother though knowing everything that is going on no offer, no well let me see what I can do, not even I'm sorry I'm not able to get off from work to come down. I have gotten more offers from Friends then I have my own family. My Sister I understand her son's health is not good and I hold nothing against her she is not able to. But the rest of my family. I am Angry and upset with.......hurt!!!!!!! As usual....I'm on my own!