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Friday, February 5, 2010

People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants

Okay I came across this interesting little web page that I'm not totally sure if the person meant it as a joke or as a rant but I agreed with most of the main points.  PETP - People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants.

"PETP does not support the killing of animals for fun or sport. But it does oppose the cribbing and wastage of the time of our criminal courts that animal rights activists undertake when animals are removed in pubilc interest or they are used for food.

PETP does not oppose the eating of plants. It only opposes the "DON'T EAT AN ANIMAL EAT A PLANT INSTEAD" attitude. It believes that even plants are living beings. And though they are inanimate they deserve the same treatment that is sought for animals. " SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST" is rule of nature. Nature has created devices to maintain it's harmony. one of these is the food chain.

LET US NOT DISTURB NATURE'S HARMONY!" (Quoted directly from the website)

I just don't understand how people can rant and rave about killing a living breathing animal but then have no problem killing a living breathing plant for food.   Then sit there and say well it is a renewable resource and it doesn't feel.  How to we really know just because it doesn't feel things the way we do doesn't mean it doesn't feel.  I'm not saying that they think or even feel who knows I don't, I don't pretend to totally understand nature but I am saying that science doesn't totally understand plants because they compare everything to humans so they will always say somthing doesn't feel as long as they can't find a nervous system similar to our own.

I am not saying stop eating plants and kill only animals to say that would be just as bad as the people that say the reverse.  As we are apart of nature, no matter how much we don't think we are, we should try to help maintain the Harmony of the circle of life!!!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The bad friend

Before I get started just one little rant.  Ok I really wanted snow but HELLO it was suppose to be during the week!!! not on the weekend though I have to say having the kids home instead of them going to the egg-donors was nice. 

Ok I need to SOOO apologize to all my friends that I have been ignoring lately.  Trust me it hasn't been because I don't care I just have been caught up in my own little world.  I know that isn't the best reason but hey it is the truth.  Work has been sort of UGH and I have had headaches and so I just have been crashing at the house whenever I get a chance.  I know I know I shouldn't do that but I just have want to sleep and veg.  Ok I promise I am getting back up and out.  I will call and text more.

Hugz to you all.

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