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Sunday, October 25, 2009

OMG...I'm TIRED.....BUT I HAD FUN!!!!!!

I had so much FUN!!!!!  Okay I got up to SAFF a little later then expected...after all my whinning some of the reason I was late was my own fault, so figures......But anyways though I only got one day a SAFF, had to leave early to come back and watch the store,  I still got to see lots and lots of FUN FIBER!!!!. 

Okay I bought some great felting needles, which are hand crafted by a man in Indiana (told Carl to go check him out hopefully we can bring them into the store. They are awsome!!!) .  Got some wonderful soap that I get every year from the soap man.  (Okay my friend Teri will probably shoot me for getting that cause her soap ROCKS but I just like his sents they are so me.  Not saying her scents aren't me cause they are just when your at a Fiber Fair and there is soaps that you like and you have money.  OKAY I WAS WEAK I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF ALRIGHT! I LOVE TO SHOP ALRIGHT I SAID IT HAPPY NOW!!!!!)

I also got Carl three Giclee prints by Conni Togel in her "Sheep Incognito" Series.

Connie is a wonderful artist and very sweet person.  Please follow the links, view and purchase some of her wonderful art. 

Oh to the reason I got him the Art I have been some what in the Doghouse as of late as I forgot his Birthday back in September.  September 27th to be exact.  I remembered up until the day of.  Told Co-workers, told the Kids and had reminders on all my electronics.  However woke up that morning and POOF out of my head.  UGH!!!!! I have been in the Doghouse ever since.  He told me he forgave me after I and the kids fixed him a really nice dinner the next day.  Elizabeth made him a card.  Though he was some what of a schmuck through dinner and granted I deserved it but the kids didn't they were not home on his birthday.  We had a discussion after dinner which I apologized and he said he forgave me.  However he has been telling anyone and everyone he can tell since then.  I really do feel bad about forgetting his birthday I can totally sympathize with him do to past experiences.  I hope these three prints which each symbolize something with him, us or the kids, will help him move past my moment of Halfheimers.

Love you carl!!!

Hugz to you all

Friday, October 23, 2009

Being forced to wait!!! UGH!!!

Christmas as a child was torture.  Seeing all the presents under the tree and not being permitted to open them drove me absolutly crazy.  Well today is the first day of SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair) and where am I, stuck minding the store.  Not that I'm bitter about watching the store, that isn't the issue, it just makes it hard cause everyone else is getting to see all the fun fiber and yarn and I'm at the store.  It is like Christmas all over again having to wait....UGH!!! the waiting is so HARRD (can you just hear the whine in my voice) LOL....I want to go play in the fiber.  It's like being at school and seeing it snow outside but schools not letting out so you can go home and play in it. 


Monday, October 12, 2009


Okay, I have never really thought that there was something that I would actually be grossed out by in the Fiber world but tonight I was proven, so wrong!!!!!!!!

Carl sent me to page 4.   As the page loaded, my eyes were blinded by the sight that appeared before them.  It was a crocheted Troll giving Birth!!!!!!  The title says "Childbirth Education Doll Pattern"  I'm sorry but I have never seen a woman that looked like this.  I know Barbie has really bad proportions but OMG if you showed a little girl this...the entire race would die off because no woman child would ever want to give birth.  Little girls would fear that they would turn into Trolls if they get pregnant.  I know I would have if I had been a little girl.  EEK!!!!!

I realize, having written a pattern, that it isn't easy but there are just somethings you keep to yourself!!!!!