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Monday, August 31, 2009

Ok up on the soap box again

Okay I hadn't really planned to blog again but I read something tonight that put me back on my "Soap Box" yet again.

Stupid negative reviews.

I was surfing through the iTunes Store Podcast section, as I do from time to time, and I came across one done by a friend of mine.  Now I realize, as I said in my earlier rant, that you have a right to your own opinion, however if your going to voice it please do so with some intelligence.  Don't just sit there and and attack someone personally if you don't even know them.  Also these people are doing a show just like you hear on the radio, see on T.V. or look at on your iPod, the way they act on the show does not mean that is how they really are.  Also as having been involved with a podcast things are edited out so you are not really hearing the entire conversation.  So have you ever thought that a particular show that you didn't like because of the way a conversation went could have been bad editing.

Okay as you can tell Childish and immature....well just plan stupid people that don't understand the difference between Fantasy and Reality just "grind my gears".


P.S  Thanks Lois G. for a great quote to use.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Let those without sin cast the first stone

Okay I have no problems with people that don't agree with my view point and would fight for their constitutional right to have their opinion, however when their view point then infringes on my rights or the ignore the law of the land because of their view point, then I have a serious problem.  Do I agree with all the laws no but I work within the system to change them.  I work to change them to make a better world for my kids.

It pisses me off when the religious fanatics use children to promote hate.  Such as the case of the kid of the "Ex Gay" woman, who separated from her partner after renouncing her Lesbianism, that is getting money and lawyers from a fanatical religious group to keep her ex from seeing their daughter.  Though the Supreme Court of Vermont (where the two women had a civil union and lived) and the Supreme Court of Virginia (where the Ex Gay now lives and a state that doesn't recognize gay marriage or civil unions) have both stated that there is to be unsupervised visitation and the Ex gay is in contempt of court by not abiding by the visitation order.  The religious group has again filed papers trying to stop the other mother from seeing her child.  HELLO YOU HAVE LOST!!!!!!!.  STOP USING THE CHILD!!!!!
This is so sad that these people are A.  Using a child  and B.  Using their God (who teaches peace, love, and acceptance) to spread hate.

When will these people understand "Let those without sin cast the first stone"

Kilted Picture as Promised

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm so happy...I ordered a kilt about a month ago and it finally arrived today!!!! I am so excited. I got a text message from UPS stating it had been delivered so I ran home during lunch and changed clothing...Carl called me a goober. I couldn't help it. Everybody said I looked good. It is my first kilt. I will try an post a pic as soon as I get one. Well a good one so far the ones that I have seen the shirt I am wearing makes me look Fat, well I think it does, everyone else says it doesn't. Then again I am fat If you want to see the kilt go to look at the original in black.

We went to Wendy's for dinner, yes I know so health so not really on my diet but hey I feel asleep right after I got home and woke up right when Carl got home, I digress. As we were leaving these two old, and I do mean old ladies were laughing and snicker. One whispers, though it was loud enough that we could hear I think they forgot they maybe hard of hearing but the rest of the world isn't, "he's wearing a dress." I just ignored them as to me it wasn't worth commenting on and they were old anyways. Carl however piped up "It's a kilt" and we walked out. The two old women had the dear caught in headlights look on their faces and they both turned red. I really believe they didn't think I could hear them. Whats funny is I haven't gotten a second look from a man at all but women that is something different. Men have said nice kilt. Women want to know exactly what is under it.."My sandles of course" As to if I am wearing underwear or not that is for me and my husband to know....unless your a really cute bear and I might let you in on the

I have learned one really interesting thing about people and how our education system really really needs to bring back geography. (though whats funny is most of these people are old enough that they should have had it in school) Most people do not know there is a difference between Scotland and Ireland. Ok I realize the stupidity is rampid but HELLO why would and Irishman be from Scotland. People at work would say I didn't know your family was from Scotland. I would say well yes on my Dad's side I am from the Turnbull Clan and the Clan McFarlane. They would then ask me what Irish holiday it was that required me to wear me kilt. I never bothered to explain the difference between Scotland and Ireland. It wasn't worth the effort cause if your that stupid you need more help then I can give. Also I am Irish on my mother's side so at some level it could have made since if they had not have made the first comment.

I wrote a monologue in High School called "I HATE STUPID QUESTIONS" I so wish I knew where it was cause it so applied to today!!!!

We walked into the dairy isle at the grocery store this evening and I said ooh that's cold. Lib (my teenage daughter) asked if I was cold. I responded well it just gave me quite a chill coming into this area. She then said "Where down there?" Pointing to my bear legs. Ok I was willing to let the first question go but the second. "Hello Captain Obvious" I love my daughter to death, she is so help and sweet but lord I pray she marries wealth cause damn!!!! I am so scared once she gets out on her own she is not going to be able to cope with reality. Not that she lives in a dream world or makes bad grades but when it comes to common sense she is a walking Blonde Joke!

Prime example: I am so not a morning person and both the kids know this. Well she walked up to me and in the sickliest chipper voice, bouncing her head back and forth, "Hi daddy, its me Elizabeth." I just stared at her for a momment in total disbelieve that she was A. talking to me before I had my shower cause that is not the best idea and second because what she said. But only had I known I would have never opened my mouth to utter "Yes Elizabeth I know its you I was there the day you were born". to which she replied "Oh yea I forgot, now I remember seeing you." Ok my brain sort circuited at this point the next thing I know I awoke in my nice safe shower. Carl said I walked through mumbling something about "being to much like the Egg Donor"

anyway off to bed

Friday, August 14, 2009

Have I found the missing puzzle?

I like Greensboro I really do, but there has been something missing since I have been here. My people. Those that call me family. I don't mean Carl and the kids, I mean the people that love me for me that aren't related to me. My friends people who call me or text me just because. Invite me to dinner or lunch. Ask me to come over because they are pissed off and need to vent. Someone for me to cry on when I'm pissed off at my boyfriend or smack him for me when he is being an ass. Well with in the last year I have been finding MY PEOPLE. I feel that I have found the main person in every gay mans life the one person who keeps him grounded and picks his sorry but up when he is being to much of a Drama Queen!!! I have found a new FAG HAG. My Fag Hag. Not taking away from my other really good female friends but most are so far away. The few I have here only get one aspect of my life but this Empress, just in the few hours we have talked, has gotten me so well it is not even funny. She can even read my mind. We look at each other and know what each other is thinking. Granted it usually is pornographic but still....

Well off to take the pills to keep the headaches away and get some sleep. I have gay mans therapy at 9AM and do not want to look haggered when I see my hair stylist tomorrow morning.