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Monday, March 3, 2008

Test Result

Sorry for ignoring the blog. I have been really busy since I have been out of the hospital, that I have not really had time to sit a even think about it. First of all I would like to say that with all the complaining that my family did, in the end they actually did come thru for me. My Mom didn't come down but she was trying to figure a way to without getting fired. I told her not to, if there was a possiblity she would loose her job! My Dad and my Step Mom actually came and stayed for 3 days and took care of the kids (both the 2 and 4 legged kind) . My neighbors next door took care of the 4 legged the first couple of days when my family couldn't be there and the kids were at the Ex wifes house. So all in all everyone pitched in. Oh and if I had to have had to of Stayed longer the blessing in my and Carl's life named Tina had offered to help with the kids the rest of the week as my Parents couldn't stay any longer then the 3 days. Ya know sometimes you worry a freakout and panic...but those who really love you (though bitch and whine) really do pull through!!!!

Okay the test result came back inconclusive. I know all that drama and nothing to show for it. Well the one thing we know is that at this time "Major" brain surgery is not in the picture, that whatever is going on is still in the early early early stages so we can watch is progress and still catch it early enough that we can hopefully treat it that it never gets really bad (well hopefully) and there is always the hope that this was just a total fluke. We will have to wait and see what the future holds but hey we would have to do that no matter what the test results had said.

To all my family I hope that none were hurt by what I said prior and hope you understand that though I meant what I said at the time, it was also said when I was angry, scared and hurt. I do love all of you and I hope that you will understand.

To my family thru Blood, Friendship and Yarn- Hugz

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