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Monday, October 6, 2008

Gate City Yarns

The Shop opened it was wonderful!!  I have been so busy this is the first chance I have been able sit an blog about it.  It was great to see everybody. All the flowers and foods were greatly appreciated....We even had flowers from one of the vendors!!

Since opening we had to deal with the Obama rally. We were a little slower then we would have liked but we still had customers and we could hear the speech inside the store. Before the speech Miss Olive Oyl was outside the store trying to get people to help her get rid of the McCain/Palin supporters. Hearing Olive tell off the republicans was a little funny.

We had our first "First Friday." We had spinners from Durham show up. Some of my good friends were there, Anne, Jared, Allen, Jimmy and Amanda. It was so much fun.

New stock has come in: Cascade 220. I know we are about to get a really cool new fixture and a new window display.

Well look foward to seeing everybody on Saturday.

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khalil said...

will wonders never cease? we, Shawn and I, haven't seen Olive in probably three years. 'didn't even know {s}he was still in town, but then again we're rediculously out of touch with the gay community at large these days.

hoping to be there saturday; see you soon.