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Friday, January 18, 2008


Good News for a change!!!!!

Carl had a cardiac catheterization on Thursday. His Cardiologist thought he had, due to results of a nuclear stress test, blockages in his heart. It turned out he had NONE!!!! WE ARE SO HAPPY!!!!!! I relieved more then anybody can understand. It was so nice to get good news for a change!!! The Dr is going to make him go on a Diet and he has to loose weight but this is better then what we could have been dealing with!!!

Oh Nicholas goes off to Disney next week for the 8th grade field trip. I'm a little nervous. This isn't the first time that he has gone away on a over night field trip but this is the first one that is so far and so long. He is my baby!!!! OK, he is 13 and that isn't really a baby but no matter how old he is he will always be my baby!!!! He will only be gone for 4 days but still that is 4 days out of state w/people that are not me and not family. My baby is growing up!!!!

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