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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Its a Party!!!!

The Birthday party was totally a BLAST!!!! Fun was had by all.  Gifts were given, food was eaten and people were merry.  A percentage of the sales for the day and all the money from the raffle went to the Hirsch Wellness Network. Among other things the Hirsch Network gives a creative outlet for people affected by cancer.  This is a organization that is dear to my heart as my stepmother (who I love dearly) is a survivor of Breast Cancer.  My father and I would not to this day be speaking if it was not for my Annabell.  I am blessed everyday that she is in my life.  I wish I had someone like the wonderful people with the Hirsch Wellness Network to help when I was trying to cope.  These people are an inspiration.   

Most Stores do an Anniversary or Birthday Sale to earn more money for themselves. Carl and Tina with support of the entire staff wanted to give back to the community that has given all of us so much.  That is why they choose to do annual fundraiser instead.   Just because a business makes money doesn't mean that the ones who own it and the staff don't have a heart!!!

Please visit the Hirsch Wellness Network website.  

Also please find any local charity near you that needs help  volunteer your local group to help and do a fundraizer of your own.  If all the Knitters Unite, We can Heal the World!


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