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Sunday, October 25, 2009

OMG...I'm TIRED.....BUT I HAD FUN!!!!!!

I had so much FUN!!!!!  Okay I got up to SAFF a little later then expected...after all my whinning some of the reason I was late was my own fault, so figures......But anyways though I only got one day a SAFF, had to leave early to come back and watch the store,  I still got to see lots and lots of FUN FIBER!!!!. 

Okay I bought some great felting needles, which are hand crafted by a man in Indiana (told Carl to go check him out hopefully we can bring them into the store. They are awsome!!!) .  Got some wonderful soap that I get every year from the soap man.  (Okay my friend Teri will probably shoot me for getting that cause her soap ROCKS but I just like his sents they are so me.  Not saying her scents aren't me cause they are just when your at a Fiber Fair and there is soaps that you like and you have money.  OKAY I WAS WEAK I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF ALRIGHT! I LOVE TO SHOP ALRIGHT I SAID IT HAPPY NOW!!!!!)

I also got Carl three Giclee prints by Conni Togel in her "Sheep Incognito" Series.

Connie is a wonderful artist and very sweet person.  Please follow the links, view and purchase some of her wonderful art. 

Oh to the reason I got him the Art I have been some what in the Doghouse as of late as I forgot his Birthday back in September.  September 27th to be exact.  I remembered up until the day of.  Told Co-workers, told the Kids and had reminders on all my electronics.  However woke up that morning and POOF out of my head.  UGH!!!!! I have been in the Doghouse ever since.  He told me he forgave me after I and the kids fixed him a really nice dinner the next day.  Elizabeth made him a card.  Though he was some what of a schmuck through dinner and granted I deserved it but the kids didn't they were not home on his birthday.  We had a discussion after dinner which I apologized and he said he forgave me.  However he has been telling anyone and everyone he can tell since then.  I really do feel bad about forgetting his birthday I can totally sympathize with him do to past experiences.  I hope these three prints which each symbolize something with him, us or the kids, will help him move past my moment of Halfheimers.

Love you carl!!!

Hugz to you all

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Conni Tögel said...

Hi Nick,

thanks for visiting with the Sheep Incognito at SAFF - and of course, thanks for giving them a sweet home to hang out in. Much appreciated!

I hope they will get you out of the dog house for a bit :o)
Tell him to keep smiling at the sheep - it keeps them happy, and only happy ones smell good.
And, they can't stand dog houses, just for the record.

Hope you have better weather than we do at the moment - see you next year at SAFF2010!