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Thursday, November 12, 2009

DISMISSED......that is truly how you spell relieve!!!

About two months ago my 15 year old son in all his teenage wisdom (snicker) decided to charge up our cell phone to a whopping $600 dollar cell phone bill.  To say the least we were, shall we say a bit mift,....Okay, Okay the proverbial shit hit the windmill (I'd say fan but that is just to damn small in this case).   Well using this "Great, Powerful and All Knowing Teenage Wisdom"  he asked another Teenage Scholar what to do to earn the money to get his Teenage Butt out of the Litter box.  (I know most people would say doghouse but come on $600 ya need to be some where a bit stinkier)  Now this Teenage Scholar, surprisingly did ask one intelligent question: "How do you normally earn money?"  Which for my son is by doing chores for my elderly parents or his Mother (the ex).   However he didn't have enough time at their houses to earn a lot of money.  This is where the Plan was hatched by the scholar and my son in his wisdom thought it to be grand.

Jr would get some of my prescription drugs and bring them to school.  The  scholar would then turn him in saying he saw them over Jr's shoulder.  At which time Jr would be suspended for 10 days.

What really happened however:

Jr brought the drugs to school.  The scholar took two of the pills saying he would need proof.  (this happened on the way home from school)  The next day Jr told the scholar to get rid of the pills he changed his mind.  The scholar gave a pill to a girl who got sick (topamax can really mess ya up if you all of a sudden take 200mg).   She got scared and passed out.  She told on the scholar who told on Jr.

The School suspended Jr and the resource officer said he wasn't going to charge Jr. A month later I got a letter in the mail stating Jr was facing felony charges for Manufacturing Schedule 1.  Well to make a long story sorter (I know to late)  I hired a lawyer as Topamax, though a prescription medication, is not a schedule 1 drug.  Actually it isn't any schedule drug it isn't classified as a controlled substance by the DEA.  They were also calling it a narcotic anti depressant.  It isn't a narcotic and it isn't a anti-depressant.  It is a anti-convulsant used to treat migraines and has been used by some
Dr's to treat the Manic stages of Bi-polar disorder as a side affect  is depression.  

The DA, after our lawyer showed her our evidence, moved for all charges to be dismissed.

I think that cops need some additional training on the difference between a controlled substance and a basic prescription medication!!! 

Oh by the way Jr is still in the litter box and even more so.  Though the charges were dismissed we are currently looking to have him donate time to a charity so he can do some form of community service.  He still did something wrong and needs to work some form of sentence.  I still believe you do the crime you do the time.   He just didn't do what they were charging him with.


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