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Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's December

Okay I should be beat because I haven't been knitting, spinning or felting...  I know I know I know for the knitting cub not to be doing anything is a little crazy.    I have been shopping instead and dealing with the drama that is my son so.......  I know that knitting is a better therapy then shopping but it's christmas and the kids only will take so many knitted items.  They want electronics I mean they are teenagers.  Also I have been playing with my new toy.....My MacBook.  When you have something this nice it is hard to put it down.

Lizzy is turning 14 in 3 days and UGH I am feeling OLD!!!!!!.   I would show you what I bought her for her birthday on here however just in case her nosiness reads my blogg.

Oh a friendly reminder I have beginner classes coming up in January so if you know anyone who wants to learn to knit have them visit the the stores web site.

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Crochet Goddess said...

You should not feel old at all, my daughter is 22 and she will be 23 in March. Out of college and has a job and her own apartment. I feel old.