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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Let those without sin cast the first stone

Okay I have no problems with people that don't agree with my view point and would fight for their constitutional right to have their opinion, however when their view point then infringes on my rights or the ignore the law of the land because of their view point, then I have a serious problem.  Do I agree with all the laws no but I work within the system to change them.  I work to change them to make a better world for my kids.

It pisses me off when the religious fanatics use children to promote hate.  Such as the case of the kid of the "Ex Gay" woman, who separated from her partner after renouncing her Lesbianism, that is getting money and lawyers from a fanatical religious group to keep her ex from seeing their daughter.  Though the Supreme Court of Vermont (where the two women had a civil union and lived) and the Supreme Court of Virginia (where the Ex Gay now lives and a state that doesn't recognize gay marriage or civil unions) have both stated that there is to be unsupervised visitation and the Ex gay is in contempt of court by not abiding by the visitation order.  The religious group has again filed papers trying to stop the other mother from seeing her child.  HELLO YOU HAVE LOST!!!!!!!.  STOP USING THE CHILD!!!!!
This is so sad that these people are A.  Using a child  and B.  Using their God (who teaches peace, love, and acceptance) to spread hate.

When will these people understand "Let those without sin cast the first stone"

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