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Monday, October 12, 2009


Okay, I have never really thought that there was something that I would actually be grossed out by in the Fiber world but tonight I was proven, so wrong!!!!!!!!

Carl sent me to page 4.   As the page loaded, my eyes were blinded by the sight that appeared before them.  It was a crocheted Troll giving Birth!!!!!!  The title says "Childbirth Education Doll Pattern"  I'm sorry but I have never seen a woman that looked like this.  I know Barbie has really bad proportions but OMG if you showed a little girl this...the entire race would die off because no woman child would ever want to give birth.  Little girls would fear that they would turn into Trolls if they get pregnant.  I know I would have if I had been a little girl.  EEK!!!!!

I realize, having written a pattern, that it isn't easy but there are just somethings you keep to yourself!!!!!